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Get new brake pads at a competitive price from the team that knows brakes.
Brakes are one of the most important components on your vehicle. You need the confidence of knowing that when you press your foot to the brake, your vehicle is going to stop. That's why it's important to keep these tips in mind to help keep your brakes functioning properly:
Have your brakes checked at least once a year — more often if you drive frequently in city traffic or live in a hilly area.
Never drive with the parking brake on.
If you hear a high-pitched squeak when you use the brakes, have them checked.
If you hear a scratching or grinding noise when not braking, this also can be a sign of a brake or bearing issue and should be inspected immediately.
Check your brake fluid along with other car fluids. If you have to add fluid more than once every few months, you may have a leak.

Troubleshooting Brakes:

Here are some common signs that you should take your vehicle to J&C Automotive Service Center for brake service.
Your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes.
The brake pedal sinks to the floor when pressure is maintained.
You hear or feel a scraping or grinding sensation during braking.
You hear a high-pitched, piercing metallic sound while the vehicle is in motion.
The "brake" light on the instrument panel lights up.


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